Let Me Explain*

When you arrive at hotels in little villages in France, there usually isn’t anyone to meet you except a large bell at the counter. Hit the top ringer a couple of times and someone hurries from an unseen adjacent hallway or a curtain hiding a hidden office. They are always apologizing for not being at […]

So Long Silence and Sophie*

Being in the railroad industry and my job focused on crossing safety…I am naturally drawn to anything train related. On our night in Pontonrson one of the town’s crossing was just adjacent to the corner of our hotel. So, when the two trains ran by the back of our room…it really caught my attention. First […]

Day One on Bikes*

My sister-in-law (SIL) is knocking on our door. […]

Toilet Terror*

Mont Saint Michel is gorgeous from far away. The closer you get, the more touristy it becomes and once you get within walking distance you pretty much want to turn back. Huge bus loads of tourists from nearly every country come pouring out of both ends of these behemoths and clog every walkway and entrance. […]

We Are Here*

We gathered our group at SFO next stop northwestern quadrant of France. Here we are in Saint Malo. […]

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