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OH Henry!

OH Henry! Oh Henry, why can’t you learn to poop and pee outside? Oh Henry, why do you feel the need to wash your paws in your water bo [...]

Seven Days To Go!

We are off again, so kitties are pissed off again. [...]

Thomas Dickson

Thomas passed away on my lap this morning. It was a peaceful dignified death…one we can all aspire to. [...]

Toby Dickson

After living divorced and dogless (even catless-UGHHH that was hard!) for a couple of years in an apartment in Burlingame, I finally moved i [...]

Retired Guy vs. Kitten

We adopted a kitten two weeks ago today. Daisy is thriving! She is a white and gray tiger and has a ton of extra toes. [...]

Getting Ready to Travel*

Chessie (the cat) is pissed. [...]
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