Monthly Archives: September 2013

Home Again*

(Partial) Yes, we are finally back in Roseville.  We estimate that from the moment we entered CDG Airport to stepping out of SFO it was a t [...]


(Partial) Note to self: when sleeping in an airport overnight…never ever take a row of seats with seats behind. The seats to our backs fil [...]

Our Last Day on Bikes*

Today, I found the freeway. Together we left the hotel in Le Viver sur Mer and headed left toward our ultimate destination of Saint Malo. [...]


(Partial) Yeah, like someone is out in the gang way holding a sign with our name on it to help us. The entire day at Heathrow was totally fu [...]


I am tired. No really, not just pooped…but done. [...]

On the Way Home*

(Partial) We got on the train from the tiny ancient train station in Bayeux. After the bags…more appropriately packed, were stashed and we [...]
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