About LeeAnn

LeeAnn Preece Dickson (oh yeah, Cassel and Jordan too)

I was born in 1954 in Millbrae California. The story is that I popped out in the back seat of my dad’s car as he was speeding down the El Camino Real toward the hospital. Legend has it…the locale was in front of Shaw’s Ice Cream. That experience says  lot about me. I am perpetually in a hurry, can be impatient, always arrive early and love a good bowl of ice cream.

After our family followed my dad’s railroad career around the Southwest. We ended up back in Northern California where I finished my last two years of high school and started my own railroad career in 1974. I am still in the industry, however have taken a few different paths that opened up to me.

I love my industry job, however that does let you know the real me. I am also a writer, an artist, a collector, a traveler, and a volunteer. Although I am thrice married, I have no children of my own. My husband, Lonnie, has four grown kids with kids of their own. So I am a grandmother too. I have a insatiable love of animals and have four fur children.

We are blessed to have wonderful friends and family both young and old. I cherish them everyday. Our friends range from forever to kinda new.  They are all great and make our live richer daily.

I don’t let one thing define me. However my favorite quote is by Henry Ford: “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” I have seen negativity my whole life and knew that wasn’t the way to live.   I thank Lonnie for my outlook.  His support and encouragement helps me be a better person.  I have found strengths and talents I never knew I had. He rarely says no, more like why not?

Our life is being redefined now. So, I decided to write about it. Writing has always helped me understand things better and opens up my heart.