I’ve Been Hacked

Yep, it’s true, but stay tuned… I will be up and running again soon. LD     […]

Three Week Odyssey

12:33, 12:34, 12:35pm and I punch the SWA check in button on my phone and get my boarding pass line number for the last leg of a three week odyssey of travel: Phoenix, Los Angeles and finally Pueblo, CO.  My trips punctuated with pockets of a day or two of home time to wash my […]

Disneyland Fiction :)

A few years ago I saw a headline in the newspaper and decided to write a fictional story about it. […]

So Proud!

Hannah and Hailey are GREAT in so many ways. […]

Seven Days To Go!

We are off again, so kitties are pissed off again. […]

WMD = My Dad’s Wife

Everyone knows the reference: WMD…the unfound Weapons of Mass Destruction that propelled us into the Iraq War. Well, I am the MDW: My Dad’s Wife. I am found by some of his kids/grandkids and ex-wife to be the embodiment of a WMD. The initials just got jostled around a bit. Just as bad as misinformation […]

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