I Saw A Ghost

I saw a ghost today. I knew I would. I had a premonition of the apparition this morning on my way to the airport. The sweet sad Dan Fogelberg song Same Old Lang Syne was playing on the radio and as always my eyes well with tears. The song beautiful and sad, always makes me […]

The Duck

I was only in love with a car once and The Duck wasn’t it. But, as The Duck makes that final drive down Donner into the sunset…to quote Mr. Spock “…( I am) somewhat nostalgic, if I understand the use of that word.” So, I am getting a bit nostalgic as I clean out the […]

The Thing?*

(Partial) So, just the other day I am driving from Tucson east on I 10 toward El Paso, Texas for work. This is not the first time I have taken this drive. However…the last time I was 11…many- many-many moons ago. How many moons are there in 49 years??? What struck and surprised me are that […]

Art Show Coming Up!!!

So excited! View Examiner Article Check it out.  A freelance writer wrote about a freelance writer!!  Click on the Mosiac tab above to see some of my work! […]

You Don’t Look Like…

Flying SWA to PHX yesterday morning. Let’s just say I LOVE being an A-List flyer. I usually get a TSA-PRE designation on my boarding pass…which means, nothing comes out of bags and shoes and jackets stay on!  Wow.  Sweet. Anyway, my roller bag is heavy today.  I have three days of work in AZ and […]


Back to Work!! Finally, the government is back open. Now…I have really found out more about politics that I ever wanted to know.  And I didn’t like what I saw. It is upsetting to know that we (gov furloughed employees and the public) have been held hostage by folks that didn’t want anyone running against […]

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