Chakras and Grandma Ethel

Call me a metaphysical person, but on the fringe…knowing there is more to life than work, wine and shopping, but unwilling to discuss my beliefs with anyone, except for a few of my hippie friends in my hometown of Santa Cruz, California.    I am a closet meditator, always waiting for everyone to leave the house […]

Vino and Vacuum Violence

In my kitchen I have two utensil drawers. The shallow top one holds the essentials like the coffee scoop, kitchen shears, peeler and cork puller. A fitted white plastic drawer insert holds them all straight and orderly.  This drawer and its contents get a lot of use. Dust, coffee grounds, and other miscellaneous minuscule crumbs […]

Plug N 4 Noise

It’s Saturday. This morning Lonnie got up really early and headed over to his son’s house. They are going to stain his new deck. It is going to be average temperature for this time of year, so we are looking at 105 degrees, so he wanted to get done before noon. I had a great […]

Lonnie Retired Photo*

Our First Year of His Retirement Let me catch you up to the first week of June 2012. Lonnie left his job for the last time on March 28 at noon. His first official day of retirement was April 1. No fool’in. March 28 was a Thursday. We always knew he was going to retire […]

Dinner at the Temple*

OK, OK…he is out washing and waxing my car! Again! […]

Retirement Isn’t for Everybody*

This isn’t about retirement really. […]

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