(Partial) Yeah, like someone is out in the gang way holding a sign with our name on it to help us. The entire day at Heathrow was totally fucked up due to fog. And we are right in the middle of it. Before getting in a non-moving packed queue (line) I went up to a […]


I am tired. No really, not just pooped…but done. […]

On the Way Home*

(Partial) We got on the train from the tiny ancient train station in Bayeux. After the bags…more appropriately packed, were stashed and we found our 1st class seats we relaxed for our two hour trip into Paris. Once we arrived at Gare St Lazare in Paris our world was no longer calm, quaint, and quiet. […]

Sophie, The Bike Saver*

Today we headed right out of the Fougeres Best Western Hotel de Voyageurs garage and into a very busy street. […]

An Afternoon in Paireeeee*

(Partial) I travel a lot for work. Recently I was just upgraded to an A-List status on SWA. Wow…your own security line, easy-early boarding…you get the idea. I have been really lucky and blessed lately with on-time flights, early arrivals and open middle seats. I knew it couldn’t last forever. Well, here we sit on […]

Carbs and Candles!!!*

Today 22 miles. Tomorrow 38! I am very afraid!! No internet access for all these days. How frustrating. […]

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