Furlough: Day Five

The great American writer and wit Mark Twain said: “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.”

I just thought I would put that out there.

Anyway, Day 5 and Congress just voted that “we the furloughed” would get paid. So, the pressure is somewhat off…since we are getting paid…we just don’t know when that might be.

I would much rather be working for my pay instead of taking this forced…vacation.  I just got back from vacation in France.  We visited the D-Day beaches Omaha and Utah and went to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial.  As I splashed in the waves and sank my feet into the wet sand at the beaches and stood and saluted when they took down the American flag at the cemetery…I thought how lucky and proud I am to be an American.  To have as an British airport customer service representative said…”you have the coveted US Passport.”  He was impressed.  Guess in our three day old clothes and I know what we smelled like…he probably thought we hailed from some third world country.  (that’s another story)

I did my best and encouraged my traveling companions to do same and present ourselves as thoughtful and glad to be in France  Americans.  We did fine.

Back to my thought of rather working my job than working around the house. I only had two days back and barely got though the 650 plus emails that were in my in-box. I personally feel I am letting people down…however they know it is out of my hands.

However, I am angry at our “leaders” in DC. I see photos of them laughing in elevators, hear them deflecting direct questions, and saw one video of a Texas Congressman berating a park ranger for doing her job. It was shameful and I hope to God they make him make a public apology to the park ranger and the furloughed gentleman that came to her defense.

I went and staffed an OL booth for a local railroad days celebration…I am an OL volunteer…so did not volunteer as an FRA employee…just to be clear.  Did my part by keeping the booth open when they could not find anyone else to take the afternoon shift.

So, day six…start those projects you never thought you would.  Closets watch out…you are about to get cleaned out!!

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