Furlough: Day Six

So, I just get it…I get it.  If you read my musings from the beginning…this all started with Lonnie semi-driving me crazy after he retired. However, I now get it.  Day Six into my furlough and I am right there with him.  Cleaning, washing, arranging,  gardening and seeing all those things that I thought I would never see, like dust bunnies under the bed.  I guess they have always hibernated there I just never took the time to notice.

I even have some of my Halloween decorations up…that usually doesn’t happen until Oct 25…if I am lucky. So, that is a good thing.  I love All Hallows Eve.  We went and bought pumpkins! I had coffee with Lonnie’s guys this morning!  Wow!

On Saturday when I was volunteering at the rail safety booth, I had a couple of extraordinary experiences.  One a guy came up wearing a filthy Tea Party Patriots orange ball cap. Not only was his hat a mess…but the rest of him was too and his kids.  The unwashed. He was laughing at something…which I took as political. (hyper sensitive)  He wanted all kinds of free stuff from the booth and I just had to walk away.  I was not going to engage him.

Another guy came up and asked me if I was furloughed.  He knows my husband and knows my situation. Anyway, he made some crack about a free vacation and hoped I was enjoying it on tax payer’s expense. Since I knew him, I was able to be more than firm with my answer…I would much rater be working and I was up there on my own time staffing the booth.  Anyway, he took off…guess he decided not to engage me.

I miss work, I miss my co-workers, and I miss serving the public.  I am missing promised to attend and present at meetings, which really bothers me a lot. I know I am letting folks down…and I am unable to do anything about it. They all understand I am sure…I just don’t.  Why can’t these yahoos in DC fix this?

I am going to get those things done around the house I have meant to do for years. I am taking a special class at my yoga studio.  Speaking of yoga, I have gone to practice everyday…except Saturday.  It seems to help with the stress of not working.

Here we go.

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