Furlough: Week THREE!

To quote Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham of Downton Abbey, “What’s a weekend?” You see, she is so privileged and moneyed that she never worked or had close contact with anyone with a job. She has no concept of work days and rest days.

So, here I am heading into week three of the government shutdown and I am starting to forget my days.

Day after tomorrow,  I will get my last partial paycheck until the government opens up again. I am not spending money…I have not purchased my annual Cost Plus/World Market Halloween rubber duckys yet. For those that know me…this is seriously not spending money.  Really the only things I am buying is food and of course wine! However cheap…or should I say inexpensive my vino may be. :)

The timing is pretty good for me to have some time.  My mom has taken a turn and she is needing more help than I am used to and usually able to give…so that is good. I now have to manage medications and coordinate home health care. Again, the government shutdown is hurting me…since she will need paid care soon…and I cannot claim the VA Aid and Attendance benefits until the government opens up.  And you know those folks along with all the other shuttered agencies will have a lot of catch up work to do.

I want to scream, yell and cuss.  However, just like being in a traffic jam…there is no one person or body to direct my frustration. Literally, no one to help with this stupid situation.  I can’t even use my vote to channel my madness…since all the idiots causing this mess are from other states.

Anyway, I am using this forced vacation to get things done around the house.  It is amazing how much dust and other stuff you see when you are not looking at work.

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