Lonnie: Mr Fix It

table-from-legsThese legs were destined for the dumpster…until Lonnie got his hands on them!

We will just get this straight right now. Lonnie can fix anything. Plumbing, electrical, metal, wood, stone, cars…you get the idea. He has a patient manner about him and he is able to figure out most anything.  He thinks things through. He also knows a lot about a lot of things!

He has been helping out where I volunteer at the Placer SPCA Thrift Store. We often get pieces of broken or damaged furniture that without Lonnie’s magic touch would end up in the dumpster.

It is a win-win for everyone…landfill has one less thing and the money generated goes to helping animals. Perfect…or should I say PUUURRRFECT!

Just yesterday he delivered a beautiful table that he had re-purposed from a broken set of legs.  The legs and post were broken, cracked and dirty. He glued, clamped, sanded painted, shined, and made a round top. All painted in antique white with a cool looking stained glaze.

When he went in to drop it off, the ladies handed him an old teak bench and a super rusty metal garden bench. Now just 24 hours later and one trip to the Temple, there are two beautiful benches ready to go to the store.

Lonnie misses his friends from work, yet is able to meet them for coffee often. I know he likes that a lot. We have been socializing with some of his work buddies too and that is really fun.

He is an excellent counselor and I think that is why so many people keep in touch. Sometimes they will call and he will retreat into the bedroom and I will hear just hushed and soothing tones emitting. I know who ever is on the other end is appreciating the kindness.

His mantra ever since I have known him is to obey the Golden Rule. He does that very well.

Lonnie is a constant inspiration for me. He is able to slow down and think. He often tells me I need to do it too. However, I rarely listen. Maybe if I did, my life would be more calm and steady.

Nahhhh…he can be the calm and steady guy and I will be the crazy bug-on-a-hot rock girl. Jumping from one project to another…running around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off.  He puts up with a lot around here for my busy life.  I can’t tell you all the details now…more soon on that!

Lonnie has always been a good influence on me. And he really can fix anything, when I grieve he fixes my broken heart.

I just love the guy.  :)

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