So Proud!

Hannah and Hailey are GREAT in so many ways. [...]

Seven Days To Go!

We are off again, so kitties are pissed off again. [...]

Thomas Dickson

Thomas passed away on my lap this morning. It was a peaceful dignified death…one we can all aspire to. [...]

I Am Full

The day after Christmas and I was still full of Christmas. Full of love, fun, family, cheer and food. And many goodies still hanging around [...]

Vegas Baby

Las Vegas has a couple of nicknames which come to mind: Lost Wages and Sin City.  I refer to it as Shit Hole.  Anyway, since it is part of [...]

Terminal Terminal

No matter how abundant and great the art is about, there are a lot of varied and fun installations, the airport is a tiresome place. [...]
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