The Duck

I was only in love with a car once and The Duck wasn’t it. But, as The Duck makes that final drive down Donner into the sunset…to quote Mr. Spock “…( I am) somewhat nostalgic, if I understand the use of that word.” So, I am getting a bit nostalgic as I clean out the […]

The Thing?*

(Partial) So, just the other day I am driving from Tucson east on I 10 toward El Paso, Texas for work. This is not the first time I have taken this drive. However…the last time I was 11…many- many-many moons ago. How many moons are there in 49 years??? What struck and surprised me are that […]

Art Show Coming Up!!!

So excited! View Examiner Article Check it out.  A freelance writer wrote about a freelance writer!!  Click on the Mosiac tab above to see some of my work! […]

The ER 1/10/14

So, there should be rules when you are thinking of going to a local emergency room for treatment.  If you are able to: eat, drink, chat, text, laugh, talk, or even smile…you should be forced to make an appointment with your regular MD and stay home. Today was my last day of a five morning […]

You Don’t Look Like…

Flying SWA to PHX yesterday morning. Let’s just say I LOVE being an A-List flyer. I usually get a TSA-PRE designation on my boarding pass…which means, nothing comes out of bags and shoes and jackets stay on!  Wow.  Sweet. Anyway, my roller bag is heavy today.  I have three days of work in AZ and […]


I just want to read my book…about writing.  I joined a writing workshop and want to read the basis for the group’s meetings. So, after yoga, laundry, grocery shopping, taking my mom her pills, and a couple of other errands I just want to put my feet up and get in a chapter or two.  […]

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