Pennies From Heaven

Years ago I started noticing and collecting pennies and other coins I have found along my path in life.  I find them in really weird places where coins should not be…patios, gutters, airport concourses, middle of the street…you get the idea. However, these are places where people could lose coins out of pockets or purses.

A wonderful physic healer once told me the coins are being left by my dear departed dad and grandma. (see Chakras and Grandma Ethel). Since then, I have kept them in a very specific place separate from my other change. I now have a quart milk jug  and two cups filled to top.

I confided in Lonnie of the reason for the coin collecting…so whenever he finds a coin, he calls out “Hello Walter!”  (That is my dad’s first name.) I usually just quietly collect it and rub it and smile…it makes me feel warm inside. I usually find an abundance of these coins in places where my dad and our family lived or places we enjoyed.  So, Tucson, Arizona in general, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo and around the railroad are places I find the most.

However, they are laying in wait in places my dad never visited when I am feeling low. They are there when I am stressed or worried. They are there when I am tired and overwhelmed. Sometimes, when times are really tough…I find a larger denomination or a collection of coins.  A few months ago, when my life looked to be turning on to a grim path, I found 45 cents as I stepped out of my car door at Trader Joes.  I knew things would work out just fine and they have.

On the day of the 40th anniversary of his death, I was pretty sad. I was driving down my street and saw some currency rolling across the asphalt in the breeze.  I stopped and there were two-$2 bills folded up and just riding the hot gust of wind.  Wow.

So, just the other day, I was facing a pretty big meeting.  I had called it and there were a lot of people coming to a small city in the middle of the desert at my behest. It was my show.  I was a bit nervous since I didn’t have a solution to the problem that prompted the meeting.  However, I had no idea what direction the attendees intended on driving it.  I had to stay strong and steer a good course.

The city folks led me in to a huge conference room with a giant conference table with a white top. It was completely clean. I started organizing my paperwork and about four minutes later looked up.  There sat a penny…I swear it was not there before.  No one had come in it just appeared out of nowhere.  The penny about 4 seats away from where I was standing and nearly in the middle of the table…I had to stretch on tip toes to reach it.  I took such strength from that coin as I squeezed it.   My confidence was buoyed as I slipped it into my pocket.

I was able to take the meeting in the right direction and brokered some real solutions.

So, was it the penny that helped?  I will never know because it was there.  I just know that when I find these wayward coins I am happy knowing that someone up there is watching over me.

I hope I find one today!  And you find one too!