He Controls The Power

He cradles it tight, but not too tight in his semi-open palm. The stiff seven and a half inch rod is floating just slightly above his thighs at his crotch. This member controls his every thought and feeling. Gently, he caresses the top.  His fingertips tenderly stroke the surface looking for the sweet spot of […]

Lonnie & Daisy

Retired Guy vs. Kitten

We adopted a kitten two weeks ago today. Daisy is thriving! She is a white and gray tiger and has a ton of extra toes. […]

A Year Already?*

So, it has been one year…from the faithful photo of him leaving the building. Let’s reflect on the last 12 months. First it has been busy for me and I admit I have not kept my internal commitment to contributing to my blog twice a month. Bummer…but after a work and life altering event a […]

Vino and Vacuum Violence

In my kitchen I have two utensil drawers. The shallow top one holds the essentials like the coffee scoop, kitchen shears, peeler and cork puller. A fitted white plastic drawer insert holds them all straight and orderly.  This drawer and its contents get a lot of use. Dust, coffee grounds, and other miscellaneous minuscule crumbs […]

Plug N 4 Noise

It’s Saturday. This morning Lonnie got up really early and headed over to his son’s house. They are going to stain his new deck. It is going to be average temperature for this time of year, so we are looking at 105 degrees, so he wanted to get done before noon. I had a great […]

Lonnie Do

Porch railing almost done. When Lonnie was working for the railroad, he had limited days off. And even on his days off…he was usually on.  He took phone calls and was always on call if there was a catastrophic emergency.  It was truly amazing how he could evaporate no matter what was happening here at […]

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