I Usually Don’t Speak Up

Safeway store

I usually don’t speak up.  Well, except for one unfortunate incident when at a comedy show, I asked a stranger at our table to stop talking during the comedian’s set, his reaction, and shouted fuck yous on both sides cemented the reason not to talk back.  I was embarrassed and I know my husband and friends were too. That was then, this is now.

However, these are trying, tiring, and difficult times.

Our front line workers away from the hospital…those who check us out at Safeway, pour our to-go cups, and work in takeaway places are truly putting themselves at risk with each transaction.  It is with great appreciation, I thank everyone working, tip heavy, and smile through my mask with admiration and gratitude. They can’t see my smile, but they can see it in my eyes and hear it with my words.

SafewaySo, today while walking toward the self-checkout line, I hear a guy yell out to no one in particular “That fucker just walked away.”  It was not only his words but his attitude and underlaying anger that halted me and made me make eye contact.  This big 30something was referring to the grocery checker.  The clerk must have left his register to get something.

First, at our Safeway 7 to 9 am is “senior” time.  This kid wasn’t supposed to be there at 730am.

Second, he was just being a jerk and his mask did not cover his nose and mouth.

Third, I wasn’t going to let this go.  My mama bear rose to protects those who serve!

“Clerks are not fuckers,” I stated loudly through my periwinkle whale print mask.  I sucked in air and mask to repeat myself. “They are not fuckers, they are putting their lives at risk to serve you.” Then with all my might, slitting my eyes for more effect, “Don’t be an ass…do not be an ass.”  Out of the corner of my eye, I see a lady back up her cart out of what I am sure she thought would soon become fisticuffs.

He just stared down at me.  I don’t think he expected to be chastised by some little old lady in a homemade mask and Loch Ness Monster baseball cap.  I walked away and he just said sarcastically “thanks, lovely lady.”  Again I said, “don’t be an ass” as I made my way away from him.

These are times to cut everyone tons of slack.  We are all just worn out, uncertain and simply scared.  I for one am scared that normal will never return.  I have resigned myself to this fact.  I hate it that I have to wear a mask while walking on the trails along the cliffs.  I usually keep it off until someone approaches then quickly slip it on.  It is hot and I love the smell of the ocean…not the fabric softener.

I love shopping and gathering…not hunting.  Women gather, men hunt. I want to look at everything.  Spend mindless time roaming department stores.

I love walking in Macy’s/Nordstrom Rack/Home Goods just to browse…I don’t want to have to know what I want to buy.  Impulse shopping is an art form. And isn’t that what returns are for?

So, chill out, relax, and enjoy this time.  Be kind and have fun.  Read a book, watch Netflix, garden, find a hobby, walk the dog(s) or sew masks.

We will be safe soon to roam about.

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  1. robin hudson

    Great sharing. You go, girl!
    from Donna’s daughter… 🙂

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