Monthly Archives: June 2012

Lonnie Retired Photo*

Our First Year of His Retirement Let me catch you up to the first week of June 2012. Lonnie left his job for the last time on March 28 at no [...]

Dinner at the Temple*

OK, OK…he is out washing and waxing my car! Again! [...]

Mr. Clean*

After three full days of volunteering for one of my favorite non-profits, I was ready to relax with a glass of wine, a bucket of hot water t [...]

Retirement Isn’t for Everybody*

This isn’t about retirement really. [...]

Losing to Gain

I didn’t really think anything was that wrong. However, I started losing weight…I noticed that I was stronger. In January I started in e [...]

Lonnie: Mr Fix It

These legs were destined for the dumpster…until Lonnie got his hands on them! [...]
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