Step Aside Disneyland

The post Covid19 vaccination holding room…really the lobby of the CVStarr Community Center is now the happiest place on Earth.

There has been reports of rare adverse reactions to the Covid19 vaccinations.  So, after you get your shot, you are asked to sit for about 15 minutes to see if you develop any problems.

So, after my first and second doses, I dutifully sat with my fellow over 65 year olds and waited.

The atmosphere was jubilant. It was a cross between a boisterous AARP convention and a Woodstock reunion.  Dozens of seniors from every stripe from Orvis jackets to tied died velvet skirts were happy and laughing under their double masks.

Boomers know it is important to get vaccinated.

In ancient history (1940s and 50s), when we were growing up, we got our shots, had our arms scratched and ate our sugar cubes.  They usually caught us as we were walking into our school.

There was no permission slips from parents or discussion. You stood there and the school nurse would jab, poke or just hand you a little cup.  You took it and even if it hurt a little you didn’t question the grownups.

That is why we don’t have to worry about diphtheria killing us, polio crippling us, and small pox and measles are fears of the past.

In two weeks, I will be able to visit and hug my flesh and blood grandchildren again.  I can’t wait. Thank you, Dr. Fauci.